corporate flu vaccination vouchers

Why You Should Get a Corporate Flu Vaccination Voucher

You’ll agree that a corporate flu vaccination voucher is very essential in today’s corporate world. We have come a long way from the days we feared covid 19. The spread of the disease as well as Covid-19-related deaths changed the way the world understood the spread of viruses. 

The common flu has been a major virus that has plagued humanity for many centuries, although more recently influenza and influenza-related deaths are not quite as often. 

Despite this, with borders opening up and seasonal change, it looks like the flu might still present one hell of a problem. As such, you need to have a safe, healthy and productive workplace, it is also really important to get your corporate flu vaccination vouchers as a business owner for you and your employees.

How The Flu Could Affect Your Business:  

Thanks to how severe influenza is, it’ll take about 3-7 days for your employees to recover. The recovery has to do with isolation from others and also personal improvement while they are still infected. And you know that what’s worse than having a sick employee at home is having two or more at home also and that isn’t good for business now, is it?

This is why getting a corporate flu vaccination voucher is the best way to get rid of those sick days and have a healthy work environment.

Why You Should Be on Board

You may believe or may have heard that when taking the vaccine, you may be infected, but you have to understand the facts. 

The vaccine doesn’t have the live virus so it can’t infect the person taking the vaccine. It is also one of the measures you as the employer can support. 

The low cost of getting a corporate flu vaccination voucher and how easily accessible it makes you a prime target as someone looking to have a healthier work environment.

Benefits Of Getting A Corporate Flu Vaccination Voucher

Having a corporate flu vaccination voucher could help you as an employer in the following ways:

  • It is a very good return on investment.
  • It reduces the potential number of days your employees have to call in sick.
  • Prevents the spread of the flu to your clients or family members
  • It is both low-cost and hassle free


  • How early does the flu season start?   According to the CDC, flu season varies from place to place although you can see a significant increase in activity by around October with peak months from December to February.
  • When should I get a corporate flu vaccination voucher?  It is best practice to get vaccinated as early as October. It takes about 14 days for a person who has taken the vaccine to become immune to the flu.
  • How many doses do my employees need to take? They will need just about one dose.
  • Do I get the corporate flu vaccination voucher yearly? The influenza virus mutates rapidly and becomes different when a new season rolls around so you need to get those vouchers annually.
  • How does a corporate flu vaccination voucher work? All you have to do is order the vouchers, then redeem them for no extra cost and no charge to your employees at your nearest medical facility that offers those services.