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What You Need To Know About The Emergency Dentist In Lilydale

Often, people only visit their emergency dentist in Lilydale every 6 months if you are going for a check-up, which is quite normal. However, there are some times where you may need to visit the emergency dentist in Lilydale immediately, as the situation is something that needs to be attended to very quickly in order to prevent pain or further problems from occurring.

Sometimes, it is a matter of knowing when something is a problem that needs to be attended to immediately. A lot of people do not know what actually constitutes this, and this can lead to problems as the problem is left till later in which it can turn into something worse. It is essential to know what the characteristics are of a situation in which you will need to visit an emergency dentist in Lilydale immediately. Doing so can help you to prevent further problems in the future, and possibly more money and pain.

Here are some reasons for when you should go see an emergency dentist in Lilydale.


What is a situation where this would occur?

A situation where this would occur and you would need to see an emergency dentist in Lilydale is if your tooth has been knocked out, or become loose upon impact, fractured teeth, a lot of bleeding from the cavity, if you think you might have an infection, a lot of swelling or an abscess or significant discomfort which cannot be helped with over the counter painkillers. These situations can often occur due to impact sports such as Rugby or Boxing, or even activities which would normally seem harmless could end up causing harm to your teeth or mouth.

How to care for yourself before the appointment

two emergency dentists in Lilydale performing a surgery on a patient

Fractured tooth

Having a fractured tooth means you need to visit the emergency dentist in Lilydale. The damage could be to both the inner and outer part of the tooth, and this can be serious and require surgery. Before visiting the emergency dentist in Lilydale, you should rinse the oral cavity with warm water and remove any pieces that may be stuck to the fracture. Applying a cold compress can help to reduce inflammation and swelling. Using over the counter painkillers is good for the pain, and should help to reduce it. It is important that you note what medication you took and at what time, so you can tell your emergency dentist in Lilydale before you undergo surgery, just in case any medications they provide may interfere with it and cause adverse effects.


Knocked out tooth

A knocked out tooth may be able to be reattached by an emergency dentist in Lilydale. This is likely if you can get to the clinic within 30 minutes of the incident. The tooth should be kept and rinsed under cold water. The tooth can be placed back into the mouth as long as it has been washed, and it does not contain any dirt or debris on it. This can cause infection, which you definitely do not want. Putting the tooth into a container surrounded by saliva can also be good, as it is kept in its own natural bacteria for the emergency dentist in Lilydale to reattach later on.


In summary, an emergency dentist in Lilydale should be visited if you knockout a tooth, fracture a tooth, suspect an infection or you have a lot of bleeding or discomfort from the mouth. You should visit the clinic immediately in order to prevent further problems, and quickly get rid of pain that can cause significant discomfort.