excavator attachments

Six Types Of Excavator Attachments That You Can Buy

Excavators are limited to backfilling, digging, or loading materials for graded work sites. But with the right work excavator attachments, you can turn your machine into a multifunctional ally that can carry out several roles. 

There are various shapes, designs, and sizes of these machines in the market and an equal or more significant choice of accessories for your machine. They are essential in the modern construction world as they are tools that convert these machines to cross-industry equipment and transform your work site result.

We will give you information about these excavator attachments, primarily used in different job sites. We will describe them and brief you on utilizing them to simplify jobs.

  • Flail Mower.

Though it is not generally remembered, it is capable of many things and suits 1.5 – 8 tonne machines. 

This tool comes in handy in clearing scrubs and small land. It works with the hydraulic, enables other parts of your machine to operate efficiently, and prevents debris from going in the wrong direction. It has excellent strength and can withstand damage.


  • Post-Hole Borers.

They are connected with your machines to mount augers and prepare your ground for fence posts or signposts. Even in commercial projects, there isn’t any job that wouldn’t require drilling post holes. Posthole borers make holes for everything, ranging from planting trees to building foundations.

  • Rock Breakers.

These excavator attachments are essential to and have transformed quarrying, mining, and construction industries. It is a mighty percussion hammer attached to excavators to demolish strong structures and crush rocks into smaller fragments.

No matter how rigid the building structure or rock is, rock breakers can significantly level them down.

  • Hydraulic Grabs.

They are versatile excavator attachments capable of grabbing and moving rocks, logs, scrap material, and more when attached to a machine. They enable you to clear anything around you and work perfectly with a flail mower. 

Once in use, you’d be surprised how much work you can do with them.

  • Rotary Twin Head Grinders.

These excavator attachments are designed for different applications. You could use them for digging ditches in the rigid and compacted ground, quarry work, demolition, and dredging, in situations where specific percussion tools have little effect. 

Rotary grinders are cost-effective and very handy for extracting materials in hard to get locations.

  • Vibrating Compaction Plates.

Adding Vibrating Compaction Plates to your machine enables it to compress the soil, driving in and pulling out piles and other formwork. It is easy to connect to your machine’s hydraulics.

These tools are very safe as you don’t need to stand with them in the workspace. You can use them anywhere you want, and it generates less noise. These plates are important excavator attachments.

A machine like this is capable of so much more. You need to try different attachments and find the right one for the job.

Excavator attachments are a comprehensive collection of tools that helps you with so many things you need. Ranging from mining, forestry, and construction to landscaping and demolition. So whatever the job is, these highlighted ones are good to go.