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Getting A Plumber? Here Are The Major Types You Should Know

If you’re on the lookout for a plumber and not sure what your options are, this article is for you. In case you’re wondering, yes, there are different types of plumbing specialists. The classification is based on their specialities and the type of systems they service.

Most of these plumbers in Lower Hutt specialize in services for a particular niche. Specializing is better for plumbing professionals as it increases their experience and understanding of a particular niche. This makes them highly sought after in that specialization. 

For optimal results, you need to recognize the problem you have and choose what type of plumber would suit the job. This article will walk you through the significant classification of plumbing specialists. We would also add a small section for auxiliary categories.

Major Classifications Of Plumbing specialists

Plumbing specialists are classified into three major categories, which are:

  • Residential Plumbing specialists

A residential plumber is a professional that usually specializes in home-related plumbing projects. They are the ones you call when there is a leak in your bathtub or your kitchen sink. 

Most of them are trained through licensed apprenticeship programs. These programs give them on-the-job training. Ensure the plumber you’re hiring is licensed or at least undergoing training. 

Residential plumbing specialists are less expensive than their commercial counterparts. This is mainly because of the less complicated systems they service. They might also be able to work on full residential installations depending on their level of expertise.

  • Commercial Plumbing specialists

Looking for someone to fix your industrial boiler or install a sprinkler system? Get a commercial plumber. They deal with many complex systems and have a broad knowledge of industrial machinery. 

They are usually more experienced than residential plumbing specialists and are more expensive. Even though their expertise is generally called upon for more complicated systems, they can still perform a residential plumber’s tasks. 

Because of the nature of their speciality, these professionals majorly deal in installations. All the plumbing for factories, warehouses, hospitals, and schools.

  • Repair And Service Plumbing specialists

These are the most sought-after professionals on this list. They are also the cheapest to hire. These professionals specialize mainly in repairs and general servicing. They work on the problems already existing issues may encounter when used. 

Service plumbing specialists are usually not very experienced, but they get the job done. They handle things like pressure, leakages, and clogging. 

They do most of the less complicated patch-up and maintenance jobs. They are usually plumbing apprentices and start their careers by repairing and servicing.

Auxiliary Classes Of Plumbing specialists

Plumbing professionals would most likely fit into any of the three categories above. However, they can be further divided into two other sub-classes based on furthered specialities. 

  • Water Supply Plumber

These professionals have better knowledge and skill related to water systems. They would prefer better service in this niche. 

Essentially, there could be a commercial professional specializing in installing water supply systems for a factory and not their sewage system.

  • Sanitary Plumber

Sanitary plumbing specialists are more skilled with bathroom heating systems, installing toilet systems, etc. 

They could be doing this on a commercially large scale or as a repair and service plumber on a smaller scale. The point is that they specialize in sanitary plumbing.

Plumbing is a widely sought-after service, and getting the right handyman to meet your needs might be tricky. That’s why we made this guide to help you understand what types of plumbing specialists are out there. We hope this helps you choose the right plumber for your project.