About Chuck

I am Married Wife – Cindy Stadler an accountant/bookkeeper co/ owner Stadler Bookkeeping & Tax Service

* * Children Son: Charles Allen Stadler Jr. Nurse Owner (Vital Staff Nursing) Married – Wife Lisa (License Practical Nurse) with 2 children- Riley & Reagan. I am so proud of both my Children in what they have achieved and how they raise their children.

* * Daughter Tina Marie Taylor (Stadler) License Practical Nurse Works (Saginaw VA Hospital) Husband -Dan Veterinary Assistant with 3 children: Andrea, Bethany and Carla.

When I was growing up with my family, we went through Good times and bad times, probably as many families did. My father & mother work very hard to make sure we had all the necessities of life and the love that is great to have as a family. When I was about five years old during the winter I got frost bite on my hands and almost lost both hands. While I was in the hospital, my hands were wrapped in bandages up in the air in slings for 2 weeks that is hard to take when you’re that young but my family stood with me and gave me strength. When the bandages were taken off the doctor ask me to move my fingers but I could not. The doctor asked my mom to go outside the hospital room, I could hear them talking, the doctor said if did not start moving my fingers in a couple days they would have to remove my hands. This scared me, so I kept on thinking really hard trying to move my fingers. The doctor came back in a couple days and asked me to move my fingers; I moved them so slightly that the doctor said it was looking good, so everything came out alright.

As I was growing up we had 3 houses burn, the first house all we had was the clothes on our back and the station wagon car, so my mom went to try and get government assistance, they said come back in 2 week. My mom said my kids would be dead by then; there was a car in the parking lot of this government building that was a Cadillac that person received government assistance. So the 7 kids of my family were split among other family members for about 6 months until my parents could earn enough money to get a place to live, its great to have family that cares. My mom worked and my dad worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs to get back to a somewhat normal life.

Then when I was about 11 or 12 years of age my older brother Dong that was 16 years old got Leukemia and died 3 months later. This was hard on the family emotionally and financially because of the Medical bills without health insurance. It was so bad that my parents had to declare bankruptcy. I guess God wanted my brother, he was a good person, great brother and I missed him, he always helps me in almost everything. All my family members are loving, they work together to help each other in time of troubles. So if you believe in god and keep family ties close, then it’s the greatest thing in the world to have in life. This is the way my wife and I raised my children to be loving and caring. This is greatest thing you can pass on to the next generation.

Now I think of all the trouble that families are going through financially, the lost jobs, homes lost and congress takes so much time to decide on helping people in Michigan and the rest of the country. When people have disaster around the world, the United States is Johnny on the spot to help them, but when hurricane Katrina happened 7 years ago where was the government, they were very slow to respond. There is something wrong with this situation.

My Education Below

-Business Degree in Accounting with Business Law

License Practical Nurse training leading to License Practical Nurse

Construction classes leading to a Residential & Alteration Contractor License

Work Experience

-Vassar Township Trustee For 4 years

Accountant and co-owner of Stadler Bookkeeping & Tax Service

License Practical Nurse

Licensed Residential Builder & Alteration Contractor

Honorable Discharge from U. S. Navy MS3 Petty Officer during the Vietnam Era

List the groups/organizations you are involving in your election campaign.

Democratic Party at each county in my district

City, county, and township meetings to discuss their issues

Civic organizations like American Legion and Fraternal Order of Eagles

* * * Voting is the number one most important act in this country, but not all people take this to heart. People need to Register to vote, and then follow through & vote but be an educated voter. I myself running for U.s. Congress want to work hard to change the way Washington is working.

There is a old saying in this country, and that’s ashame. Voting in this country has become something most Americans view as unimportant because the idea that one man’s (or woman’s) vote can matter is unfathomable considering most elections are won and lost by thousands if not tens of thousands of votes. When one considers Presidential elections we hear repeatedly that turn-out is key. But we don’t vote for a President but every four years yet every year we have local country, city or state elections with turn-outs as low as 15% of the registered voters coming out and an even lower percentage of the eligible voters turning out.

Doesn’t it seem strange that in a country where the vote is by all rights the single important act you as a citizen can perform and have the right to perform, so few of us actually do it? Yet we waste no time in complaining when those elected by others perform the duties to their constituent’s satisfaction regardless of how much those who did not vote complain. It explains why government is not more responsive to the people. It’s not as if your complaint can really be tallied as a “no” vote in the next election because let’s face it, you’re probably not going to actually vote anyway.

Then there is the accompanying duty that goes along with voting which is vigilance. Once these folks are in office it doesn’t mean the job you didn’t do to begin with is over, on the contrary, your duty has only just begun. As much as I get irritated with people who complain about government but don’t vote, it’s those that vote and then go silent for an election season that irritate me more. Last thing I want is a voter who has not taken the time to educate themselves about the vote he or she is casting. But for someone who did take the time to cast an educated vote to just “leave it in God’s hands” so to speak, well those are the people I could just beat with a stick.