4 Shares On The ASX That Are Worth Looking Into

Everyone who is anyone is looking at their portfolios these days and imagining how best to diversify and add more shares on the ASX that are worthwhile. It can be a tall order on the best of days, especially with more people than ever giving advice and tips for the best shares on the ASX to invest in, it can be hard to conceptualise so many choices and filter them down into a singular plan of action. 

Different industries have different long-games, short-games and profit margins – and when you’re playing with the stock exchange, there are many avenues of approach. This article will be all about the different shares on the ASX that are worth looking into. Of course, this is all speculatory so take the time to do your own research as well, and always seek professionals for financial advice prior to investing in anything. 

These are the 4 shares on the ASX that have caught our attention.

  • Ansarada Group Limited

One company that has caught our attention in recent months is Ansarada Group, a tech software group that focuses more on cloud computing and data management solutions for mergers and acquisitions. While the tech sector suffered a little in 2022, Ansarada is turning many heads with its continued growth, impressive list of clients and zero debt. As far as shares on the ASX, Ansarada is certainly an interesting one. 

  • Lindsay Australia Limited

With all the issues surrounding logistics and supply chain disruptions recently, you’d be surprised to find one of the growing providers on this list but here we are. Lindsay Australia is actually bridging the agricultural gap for supply chains and simplifying a number of issues that are causing the disruptions. Despite rising fuel costs, the company has seen tremendous increase in revenue which is seeming to be on an upward momentum into the latter part of 2022. 

  • Temple & Webster Group Limited

Online furniture retailer Temple & Webster is one of the fastest growing companies in the country and has a very intriguing business model that lends itself to being one to watch. With the recent addition of ‘The Build’ as an additional revenue avenue, Temple & Webster is lining up to be one of those shares on the ASX that could see exponential growth in the near future. With a 23% growth in the last year alone lending itself to be one to watch. 

  • Treasury Wine Estates Limited

Treasury Wine Estates have had an interesting time in the last few years, the pandemic and Chinese tariffs on Australian wine may have caused a dip in price, but the potential for growth still remains. As far as shares on the ASX is concerned, Treasury is on the rise, with an aim for earnings growth within the next year. Definitely one of those shares on the ASX to watch.  

Always remember to research first before investing in shares on the ASX and only invest the money you are able to afford.