Signing of divorce papers.

3 Key Facts About Divorce Lawyers In Sydney

Solicitors are an extremely diverse group of professionals that all share a few common traits, such as being highly educated, motivated, and eloquent. In New South Wales, many of the divorce lawyers in Sydney also have many unique quirks that allow them to achieve success in the legal niche they have decided to work within.

If you are planning on joining their ranks, or hiring one of them, it can be helpful to know as much as possible about the various divorce lawyers around Sydney. Let’s take a closer look at some of the interesting facts about these professionals who deal exclusively with the breakdown of marital relationships + the legal fallout that inevitably follows.


1.    They know how to keep emotional distance

Since the divorce lawyers in Sydney are forced to deal with clients who can be emotionally distraught about the situation they are going through, they need to be able to distance themselves from these feelings and ensure that they remain objective professionals who, while providing support, are not caught up in the turmoil themselves.

Everyone is human and even the most well-trained professionals can succumb to the emotional appeals of someone who is in a desperate place in their life. While you might appreciate having a solicitor on your side who is as angry as you are about your ex’s infidelity, it’s not going to help you in prosecuting your case as this behaviour from them would be seen as highly unprofessional by their colleagues and the family court system you are engaging with.


2.    They help people navigate the complexity of their breakdown

The main utility of the work that divorce lawyers in Sydney do is that it helps people who are going through a marital breakdown get through the complex, but necessary legal hurdles that are required to finalise the end of their partnership. This is important in terms of bringing a quick end to any disputes that can potentially arise regarding things like child custody and the division of marital assets.

Naturally, this is a lot easier said than done in many cases, and solicitors are often forced to assist clients in undertaking negotiations with the ex-partner or, in extreme circumstances, represent them during litigation. In these situations, most people want to be working with the most experienced divorce lawyers in Sydney who have a reputation of securing favourable outcomes for their clients when it comes to these kinds of ex-marital settlements.


3.    They know how to perform legal research

lawyer-client consultation

One of the main reasons you would hire a divorce lawyer in Sydney is that they will be able to perform legal research on your behalf that is going to be highly beneficial to prosecuting your case. This mainly involves identifying precedent that supports your argument, with precedent meaning past decisions on cases with similar circumstances to your own.

This is an essential skillset for any divorce lawyer in Sydney to have, and they may need the support of assistants to carry out the more mundane parts while they do the interpretation and case-building with what is eventually presented to them. Combined with their ability to carry an argument, this is one of the most important skills that a solicitor needs to have to help formerly married couples who are going through a marriage breakdown and need a quick and favourable resolution so they can move on with the rest of their life.

There you have it, 3 of the top facts to know about the various divorce lawyers in Sydney and what their best skills are when hiring them.