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 Email  chuckstadlerforhouse@gmail.com     people should be ethical in Public office.  I think it very important to Keep a Strong National Defense as the world grows more dangerious every day.

Why should young people vote.

Yes, College age Students should Vote.   From the age of 18 to 29 only 18% are Registered to vote.  It is important to vote because the Issues impact the young too, so they should have a say in the issues and how they are handled since it involves them.  A government by the people, for the people cannot work without the people and a large majority of people are young people. If you don't vote it's like saying you don't care how your country is run. It gives them the feeling and sense of freedom of speech. Young people are the future of United States so they should have a part in deciding the future.

Many college students need student grants and loans for their future.  Everyone should be encourage our students to register to vote and then turn out to vote.   In over 59 weeks there have been over 269,798 people visit this web site with much interest.  (( Republicans don't want College students and low income people to vote because these politicians would get voted out of office.))      Chuck Stadler wants to Represent your interest too.

Join your Local Democratic party and Michigan Democratic Party!

(ChucK Stadler) says we need to create Jobs in Michigan, Jobs are Important to the Great People of Michigan.  The focus should Dominate the Media because of the Unemployment rate.  Jobs are important to me and My Campaign.    

     People who Register to vote and vote are doers, people who wish things to change but sit and cry in their milk are only hurting themselves by not registering and not voting.

1. Creating jobs:

I would work to close corporate loop holes in our Tax code and just cut the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20%, to be competitive with the rest of the world. To increase expansion of investment in America economy, we should eliminate the capital gain tax on businesses that manufacture in this country. These businesses would only qualify on the portion of business that is made in America. This will put Americans back to work, so the more you manufacture in America the greater you get in tax advantages. Countries like Japan and many more that do not open their markets to the United States, get a 30% tariff tax, including American companies that make their products overseas.

2. Fully Secure our borders, immigrants have to wait in line.

3. I would put money into infrastructure like roads and bridges.

Democrat Chuck Stadler Believes that Women Should get the same pay as men for the same job.

Did You Know That Women Are Still Paid Less Than Men?

On average, full-time working women earn just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. This significant gap is more than a statistic -- it has real life consequences. When women, who make up nearly half the workforce, bring home less money each day, it means they have less for the everyday needs of their families, and over a lifetime of work, far less savings for retirement

Over 83% Walmart Corporation campaign money has gone to the GOP Republicans, Republicans like Candice Miller of Michigan, Governor Rick Synder, John Boehner of Ohio, Terri Lynn Land, Lt. Governor Brian Calley,Governor Scott Walker of Wisconson, Representative Paul Rayn of Wisconson and many more. Republicans law makers support job killers like Walmart.

NOT Made in America: Top  9 Ways Walmart Destroys US Manufacturing

Why is it that America no longer makes things the way we used to? Between 1980 and 2011, the United States lost more than 7 million manufacturing jobs, many of them middle-class positions that enabled workers to support their families with dignity. Today, the nation’s largest employer is not a manufacturer, but mega-retailer Walmart – which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week. Walmart pays its associates just $8.81 an hour on average. In this economy, a quarter of full-time working-age American adults are not earning enough money to meet their families’ economic needs. While the decline of American industry was caused by a variety of complex factors, the actions of the nation’s biggest corporation and largest retailer play an under-estimated role.

As America’s biggest company, Walmart wields tremendous market power. Walmart could use this might to help build up the American economy, offering good jobs to its own employees, encouraging contractors to do the same, and helping to strengthen U.S. manufacturing through its relationships with its suppliers. Instead, Walmart has wielded its market power to eliminate good-paying manufacturing jobs and lower labor standards in the retail sector and throughout its entire supply chain. On this Fourth of July, here are 9 ways Walmart has facilitated America’s industrial decline:

1. Buying billions of goods that weren’t made in America.

The vast majority of merchandise Walmart sells in the U.S. is manufactured abroad. The company searches the world for the cheapest goods possible, and this usually means buying from low-wage factories overseas. Walmart boasts of direct relationships with nearly 20,000 Chinese suppliers, and purchased $27 billion worth of Chinese-made goods in 2006. According to the Economic Policy Institute, Walmart’s trade with China alone eliminated 133,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs between 2001 and 2006 and accounted for 11.2 percent of the nation’s total job loss due to trade. But China is hardly the only source of Walmart goods: the company also imports from Bangladesh, Honduras, Cambodia, and a host of other countries.

2. Pushing U.S. companies to move their factories overseas.

With $419 billion in annual net sales, Walmart’s market power is so immense that the even the largest suppliers must comply with its demands for lower and lower prices because they cannot afford to have their goods taken off its shelves. Companies that used to manufacture products in the United States, from Levi’s jeans to lock maker Master Lock, were pressured to shut their U.S. factories and moved manufacturing abroad to meet Walmart’s demand for low prices.

3 Forcing layoffs among its U.S. suppliers.  Even when a very small amount Walmart products are made in the United States, manufacturing jobs still get eliminated as suppliers cut costs to meet Walmart’s demands for low prices. A spokesman for the National Knitwear and Sportswear Association noted that producing goods for Walmart “forces domestic manufacturers to compete, often unrealistically, with foreign suppliers who pay their help pennies on the hour.” A Walmart spokesperson admitted that this was the point of the company’s efforts to buy domestic goods: “one of our big objectives was to put the heat on American manufacturers to lower prices.”Even as manufacturing costs increase, Walmart demands that suppliers’ prices go even lower, a dynamic that helped push Kraft Foods to plan the closure of 39 factories and lay off 13,500 workers.

4. Promoting domestic sweatshops. 

Layoffs aren’t the only way manufacturers contrive to meet the low prices Walmart demands. Walmart’s domestic suppliers lower wages, cut benefits, aggressively fight employee efforts to unionize and bargain collectively, and skimp on worker comfort and safety. For example, Louisiana seafood processor C.J.’s Seafood, which sells an estimated 85 percent of its processed crawfish to Walmart, has recently come under scrutiny for allegedly abusing employees working in the U.S. on temporary immigrant visas (known as guestworker visas). A complaint to the U.S. Department of Labor claims that the Walmart supplier “engaged in extremely coercive employment related actions, including forcing guestworkers to work up to 24-hour shifts with no overtime pay, locking guestworkers in the plant to force them to continue to work, threatening the guestworkers with beatings to make them work faster, and threatening violence against the guestworkers’ families in Mexico after workers contacted law enforcement for assistance.”

5. Squeezing U.S. manufacturers out of business. 

Walmart’s unrelenting push for low prices eats into the profit margins of its U.S. suppliers, often weakening companies in the process. Journalist Charles Fishman provides a vivid example: Walmart provided 30 percent of Vlasic Pickles’ overall business and insisted that if the company did not allow Walmart to sell a gallon jar of pickles for the ruinously low price of $2.97, they would stop buying Vlasic’s other products. “The pickle maker had spent decades convincing consumers that they should pay a premium for its brand. Now Walmart was practically giving them away.”According to Fishman, Vlasic’s profit margin from pickles shrunk 25 percent or more. Nor is Vlasic alone in seeing its business cannibalized by Walmart: of the top ten companies supplying Walmart in 1994, four sought bankruptcy protection by 2006.

6. Discouraging American innovation.

By squeezing its suppliers, Walmart leaves companies without the resources to make new investments in research and development. And once companies become dependent on Walmart as a massive purchaser, their greatest incentive is to keep producing the products Walmart has decided to sell, making it unnecessary and unprofitable to innovate.

7. Driving competitors to squeeze manufacturing.

If discount retailers like Target and Kmart want to remain competitive with Walmart, they must demand similarly low prices from suppliers. As a result, the pressures pushing down costs and propelling the elimination of American manufacturing jobs are magnified.

8. Lobbying for policies that make it easier to move U.S. jobs overseas.

According to the non-profit Center for Responsive Politics, Walmart spent $7.8 million on lobbying in 2011 alone. While this money was paid to influence a range of legislation, from promoting corporate tax cuts to opposing a bill to guarantee paid sick time to working people, trade policy was among the issues Walmart lobbied on most aggressively. In fact, Walmart has lobbied to make it easier to push American jobs out of the country for years, playing a key role in the early 1990's.

9. Lobbying for policies that make it easier to move U.S. jobs overseas.

According to the non-profit Center for Responsive Politics, Walmart spent $7.8 million on lobbying in 2011 alone. While this money was paid to influence a range of legislation, from promoting corporate tax cuts to opposing a bill to guarantee paid sick time to working people, trade policy was among the issues Walmart lobbied on most aggressively. In fact, Walmart has lobbied to make it easier to push American jobs out of the country for years, playing a key role in in lobbying for NAFTA in the early 1990s.

Chuck Stadler wants to create jobs for Michigan, this is a way to create good paying jobs, just keep reading on with many facts.

Supporting Small Businesses and Creating Jobs with Tax breaks

1. Cut Taxes Businesses Seeking to Grow and Expand: encourage growth and investment, including expanding and making permanent the elimination of taxes on capital gains for key business investments, providing a 10 percent income tax credit on new payroll for small businesses.   These tax breaks need to be for American base business & business American Base Manufacturing companies to be made in America only. 

2. Businesses are the engine of job growth in our economy.  Federal resources to the areas critical to growing the economy and restoring middle-class security: education and skills for American workers, innovation and manufacturing, clean energy, and infrastructure. These are all areas critical to small businesses.

3. Boost Investment in Businesses. Proposes to create incentives for capital investment businesses by permanently eliminating capital gains taxes on investments in small business stock, enhancing the availability of “patient capital” that businesses need to innovate and grow.

4. We need Tax breaks for companies to bring back America Jobs to the United States, they only receive the tax break if they do this, Made in America. America workers made these companies what they are today.

Chuck believes in helping the middle class, business, and low income people. Growing Business and creating Jobs for this country will improve the productivity of the United States.   America must grow 

1. From the 2000 election cycle through the 2012 cycle, the Waltons and the WalMart PAC spent nearly $18 million in federal elections.  More than $13.50 million went to GOP candidates and committees.  Together, the Waltons and the Wal-Mart PAC have given more than $13.50 million- 83% of their contributions—to Republican candidates and committees. In contrast, Democrats they have given less than 17% of that amount to Democrats, because Democrats support small business. Over this time period over 83% of the Waltons’ contributions went to Republicans, including their contributions to super PACs. The Walton’s who own wal-mart have been able to hide most contribution to the Republicans from the people and the media because they do not by law have to disclose this information. (( The following contribution do not include Walmart Super Pac money. )) The top 7 Walmart got shopping among top 7 republicans congressional campaigns received , based on FEC ( Federal Election Commission ) reports from Jan. 2009 through July 2012, were:

—Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-La $25,378

—Travis Hankins, R-Ind $14,717

 —Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio $14,625

—Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich $10,316

 —Rep. Joann Emerson, R-Mo $10,091

 —Rep. Rick Crawford, R-Jonesboro $9,591

 —Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Little Rock $2,157

Did you know that about 85% of non food products at a Walmart stores are not made in America , there made in China or some other country. Even most of American Companies products are not made in the United States like Hanes, Champion, Playtex and most other products.  98% of all clothes are not made in America. Everybody should go to Walmart and look on the packages and see where things are made, that’s why Michigan people don’t have jobs to go too. Candice Miller supports Walmart in a big way, she supports Tax breaks for Walmart Corporation.

Why this is a problem

The Waltons are seizing this opportunity to push a corporatization and privatization agenda, Like schools and are doing so in a way that is unaccountable to students, parents, teachers, and communities that will never have as much money as they do. Meanwhile, many parents who work at Walmart have to juggle multiple jobs, or make decisions about whether to pay rent or put food on the table.

Republican Candice Miller has received her shared of Super Pac Campaign Contributions from the, Waltons & Wal-mart super Pac money more than $6,000 , she does not have to disclose this information to public by law.

Some Republicans said they would vote for Chuck Stadler because he supports small business for more jobs. People need to register to vote and then vote. Candice Miller has been Publicly Admonished by House Ethics Committee by threatening another member of congress because she wanted him to vote her way another Republican. Well the Republicans shut down the government and wasted 24 billion dollars, but Republican Candice Miller she did received $10,316 from Walmart corporation job killer.

I, Chuck Stadler would work for Legislation toward Federal Jobs Bill for creating jobs to make the Middle and Lower income people to have better than minimum wage jobs for a better living.

This country gives 100's of billion dollars to other countries, yet we have roads and bridges crumbling in the U.S.A.  I would work on fixing Michigan & American highways and Bridges.  We need to invest in America, vote for Chuck Stadler November 4, 2014.  Keep reading!

The United States has an infrastructure problem. Globally, the U.S. ranks 19th — behind Spain, Portugal and Oman — in the quality of its infrastructure, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report.  Yet investment in U.S. infrastructure continues to lag, even as jobs growth, GDP growth and home sales all have rebounded since the end of the recession.  Economists have long argued that better infrastructure — roads and highways, bridges and ports, tunnels and dams — results in greater jobs growth and business investment.   So as government finances improve, why aren’t we seeing infrastructure spending return?  If this country invested in the infrastructure, this would provide more than a 2 million good paying jobs in 5 year.  This make our economy grow at a pase between 3 & 4% , oh were to busy taking care of the rest of the world, does that mean the United States does not count.  Come on, that is stupid, Chuck Stadler wants the government to care.  Chuck Stadler for U. S. for Congress


After this past winter with the extreme cold temperatures, Current highways, roads, streets, Road Bridge Conditions, Travel Trends and Traffic Congestion are bad of need of repair.

A Federal Highway Administration study concludes that for each $1 billion of federal spending on highway construction Michigan nearly 28,000 jobs are generated annually, including approximately 9,500 in the construction sector, approximately 4,300 jobs in industries supporting the construction sector, and approximately 14,000 other jobs induced in non-construction related sectors of the economy.  Twenty-nine percent of Michigan’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition. Driving on roads in need of repair costs Michigan motorists $2.3 billion a year in extra vehicle repairs and operating costs – $320 per motorist.

Chuck Stadler wants to Create JOBS JOBS JOBS, ( ( ( Kind of Jobs to be created ) ) ) for Employment

A. Manufacturing jobs made in America

B. High tech jobs made in America.

C. College trained Jobs

D. Construction Jobs-Skilled trained that pay better wages.

E. Raise Min Wage to be a fair wage.

Why is the minimum wage set at poverty level, to keep people depended on the government, some governmental programs could reduce people on programs if the minimum the wage was set to get people a fair living.  Food for thought, lets make change in this country.

The nation needs to get fiscally responsible To give Tax Breaks to encourage Small & Large businesses to hire new employees, and bring back American jobs. We need a new type of tax breaks in our Federal tax codes for businesses, for those who hire American citizens. This would be for New employment & Should be for employment that rewards long term employment. We want a strong & vibrant Middle class, Do not raise taxes on the Middle class.  There would be a tax break scale below.

Reward Businesses That Hire Employees - Tax credit for Full Time Employment who work them 36 hours or more a week.  States on net sales, plus Farmers Tax break on farm crops grown in the United States for human or animal consumption, farm beef cattle, pork, poultry and milk dairy raised for human consumption on net Farm Income in the U.S.

A) $2,000 tax credit for the 1st full year of new employment, a credit for each person

hired by that business.

 B). $1,000 tax credit for each employee, years 2 thru 5 years full time employment

for that business.

C.) $1,500.00 tax credit for each employee 6 or more years full time employment

for that business.

D.) New 2% Tax Break for wholesale & retail stores that sell at least 50% more of their sales of  non food items manufactured in the United States, on net sales on non food items of the business.

E.) New 5% Tax Break on net sales for restaurants, other service Industries

businesses on net Sales of their Income, also businesses that manufacture food

products, and Farmers.

F.). Industry investment 5% tax credit - (Industry Employee Jobs Training Joint Community college Act).  This is where industry invests capital into Community Colleges to train future workers in many industries. This is a way to grow American industry for the 21st Century.  Many Businesses can send employees or future employees to get multi task training to be more valuable to one or companies or individuals can decide to go on their own.  Companies can come to these community colleges and hire people to work for their business, this save on part of the training for their company.  >> were still stuck in the 20th Century while the rest of the world goes ahead.

Chuck Stadler says the United States should provide Tax Breaks for the Technologies of today and the future. Today’s technology is being put into place with wind, solar, hybrid gas electric car and the electric Chevy Volts. Along with Bio Fuel, and Natural gas that trucks will be used in the near future. Proto types of the natural gas trucks are now being tested with UPS delivery system. This is the wave of the future and will grow our economy. Michigan is the leader in these technologies and our educational system has to adjust to the future. The state of Michigan & federal government has to put money into the economy for that purpose. GM will be coming out with 23 vehicles next year, this is why I supported the bailout of the auto industry because the manufacturing capabilities these companies. There are Turbine wind generator factories in Michigan that are manufacturing these wind generators giving many people jobs. Republicans like Candice Miller which voted against wind & solar energy criticized President Barack Obama about wind and solar energy are and now trying to take credit for our energy policies. We still need to drill for oil to make our country independent of foreign oil.

It is Time to fix Social Security & Medicare; this is the Life line of seniors & Retirees, when many people struggle to make it in this country. To many times Congress borrowed from Social Security and never paid it back. Now Medicare is one of the few government programs that are successful, without Medicare too many people would be hurting without it. Don't forget Medicaid, this is for the poor children and the disabled Americans, don't let them fall by the wayside, they're very important to their families and me. Were all the children of God. The seniors & retiree were the ones who taught us what we know so they could pass everything on to the next generation. We are a country of immigrants and we learn from each other no matter what ethnic group we come from.

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Chuck Stadler for United States Congress Michigan 10th District


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